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Phil Collins Health

Phil Collins Health ; What happened to Genesis star ?

The fans of music have become very curious about Phil Collins health. He is a British singer, songwriter, and musician, who is best known as the drummer and lead vocal-performer of the rock band Genesis. He has given various hits including “In the Air Tonight,” “Against All Odds” and “Another Day in Paradise.” 

Despite health issues that forced him to retire from touring and performing, Collins tried his level best and remains an influential figure in the music industry.

Hearing Loss : 

In 2000, due to an infection caused by a virus, Phil Collins got sudden deafness in one ear. For a musician, hearing loss can be a devastating thing because music is a thing that connects musician with his/her listeners. 

Music is not only a form of creative expression but also a communication with others. Hearing loss made it very hard for Collins to hear his own performance.

Spine Injury : 

In 2007, Phil Collins got a spinal injury which resulted in damage to his nerves.The worst consequences of this injury were pain and immobility.

The main cause of his spine injury was his abnormal posture while playing drums. Due to sitting more than 50 years behind a drum set in a humped position, his vertebrae started putting pressure on his spinal cord and ultimately injured it. 

The condition continued to become worse by time, and now the most unfortunate moment has come that Collins now cannot even hold his drumsticks.

Then Collin underwent surgery to resolve the issue of dislocated vertebra in his neck. Although the surgery was successful, but the nerve which got damaged remain damaged because nerve cells are incapable of dividing and regenerating new cells. Due to the physical and emotional toll of this injury on Phil collins health, he decided to take a step back from music. 

Rutherford remarks about Phil Collins health : 

Mike Rutherford, who is a founding member of the rock band Genesis, gave an update about his health at an interview on BBC Breakfast. While speaking about Phil Collins’ condition, he said: 

“As you know, Phil is a bit…(pause)… He is much more immobile than he used to be, which is a shame (for everyone of us), but at the tour, he was in good spirits (as usual).”

He is fine now at home, enjoying his life. He has worked so hard over many years. I think now he’s enjoying his time at home.”

Then the interviewer asked him to compare Collins and his son on the basis of drumming skills. Rutherford answered very carefully : 

“I always support the dads because I belong to this generation. Collin is the most amazing drummer, but Nic (Collin’s son) is fantastic too. Like his dad, but a bit different,” he said.

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Phil Collins last performance : 

On 26 March 2022, during a show of Genesis, Phil Collins declared it to be his last ever performance. Fans became deeply saddened after this heart-breaking announcement from a well-esteemed personality of the music industry. Have a look at his last performance : 

A golden era of a priceless artist ended ! 

After knowing this whole story, let’s learn something out of Phil Collins health 2023 issue. As we already know that his spinal injury occurred due to his abnormal posture while sitting and playing drums.

So, let’s have a look at the effects and rectification of abnormal posture :

What happens when you sit long in an abnormal position ? 

Sitting in an abnormal position for extended periods of time can have a number of dangerous effects on the body. Some of these effects include:

  1. Back pain: Sitting in a humped position puts strain on the muscles and ligaments of the back, leading to pain.
  2. Neck pain: Similarly, sitting in a slouched position also puts pressure on the neck muscles and ligaments, leading to pain and stiffness of neck.
  3. Poor circulation: Drooping position restricts blood flow to the periphery of the body that leads to poor circulation, which causes swelling and even blood clots.
  4. Joint pain: Prolonged sitting in an abnormal position can cause pressure on the joints, leading to pain, stiffness and ultimately immobility of the joint.
  5. Reduced flexibility: Over time muscles start becoming tight and inflexible, which makes it difficult to move them and produces inflexibility.

To avoid these harmful effects, it’s important to maintain a good posture while sitting and to take frequent breaks to stretch and move around.

How to maintain good posture ?

Here are several steps you can take to rectify your abnormal posture :

  • Adjust your chair
  • Sit up straight
  • Take breaks
  • Exercise regularly
  • Practice good posture habits

FAQs : 

Q : What’s wrong with Phil Collins health ?

A : Phil Collins health is deteriorating as he got a spinal injury back in 2007, which caused nerve damage in his body. So, now he is unable to perform on stage.

Q : Will Phil Collins tour in 2023?

A : No, he will not because of his ongoing health issues.

Q : Is Phil Collins going to retire?

A : Yes, Phil Collins has announced retirement from his music career. The reason behind is Phil Collins health issue plus he wanted to give proper time to his family.

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